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Tony Cruz


I was having a hard time getting my business thought out of my head and turning it into a reality. Robert of NDCS sat down with me and helped me to focus and establish my company. He walked me through every process. What I found awesome was he actually took the time to show me how to do things myself and coached me so if I ever wanted to establish another company, I would know the process. This is a standup company.

Thank you



I had the opportunity to work with Dayna directly for several years and then I was a colleague when she moved to another challenging market in the same company. Throughout all of that time I saw her lead with creativity, enthusiasm, and courage. Whenever there was a difficult situation, whether with processes or people, I knew that I could count on Dayna to take it on and find a solution. She's the kind of person who never quits either; regardless of the hurdles and challenges to overcome, Dayna will absolutely keep working and keep trying new solutions until she gets the results she is looking for.

Thinking back to my time as Dayna's direct leader, I think the greatest value I got from having her on the team was her courage. When I asked for feedback to improve as a leader myself, Dayna was the one I could always count on to tell me both what I was doing right, and what I could do better. I think the fact that she was brave enough to lead upwards and the fact that I knew she was doing it from a place of compassion.

Michael Smith


I worked with Dayna for the better part of three years. Her knowledge of processes and passion for helping others succeed were present at all times. Anyone that is lucky enough to work with Dayna will find a compassionate, servant leader that will stop at nothing to help others reach their goals. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from my time spent working with her

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