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Business Meeting

NDCS will assist you in identifying your personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. This includes succession planning, leadership skill development, and providing feedback on current interview processes. We also hold workshops, network and maintain relationships to promote your business and support your needs.

Credit Assessment

Through partnerships we connect organizations with providers that assist in applicant tracking, on-boarding, payroll, and HR admin solutions designed to meet your unique needs while streamlining the management of the employee life cycle allowing you to focus on the operation of your business.


Our partners will take on the risks, headaches, and costs out of payroll administration, letting your company apply its resources to value-generating activities. Payroll clients enjoy a wide range of powerful benefits:

  • Intuitive Solution: Cloud-based system is easy to navigate and use for you, your employees and your financial partners. 

  • Simple Pricing: The price you are quoted is the price you'll see on your invoice, and that price is guaranteed to stay the same for three years.

  • Single Point of Contact: Your payroll specialist will learn your business and your unique payroll needs, and you will receive the direct contact information for any issues or questions that may arise.

Shaking Hands

NDCS will work in conjunction with you and your designated business partner to conduct quality investigations of people issues and grievances.  We provide sound advice on a wide range of employee relations issues including harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, wage and hour matters, and employee grievances; and suggest changes to company protocol to mitigate risk.  Working closely with your legal team and our trusted legal advisor we will interpret your company policy and procedures and advise on fair and equitable employment practices.  We also assist with performance management, organizational development, and coaching/development.   


Using Wicklander-Zulawski practices, our trained professionals assist with:

•Ensure that the investigation/ complaint process is handled in a fair, timely manner consistent with local requirements.

•Ensure that investigations are thorough and include: understanding of the allegations; appropriate interviews, analysis and documentation; and recommendations for conclusion and course of action.

•Provide advice and counsel to managers on general employee relations issues.

•Prepare, and maintain critical ER documentation, such as investigations, reorganizations, recommendations, etc.

•Prepare and facilitate internal training materials and templates regarding appropriate handling of investigations, reorganizations, transitions/ redeployment's, performance management, and other employee relations issues.

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